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A little background on BC-Pearls & Javery New York


One Shuck at A Time

A Rainbow of colors

Pearls come in all sorts of colors and shapes

Javery New York

Sugar Scrub

Javery New York

Hair & Body Wash

Pearl Information

We sell Freshwater Cultured Pearls; which means that a man/women helped play a role in the process of the pearl forming and growing.

(About Pearls) “Most real pearls today are cultured or farmed, by inserting material into each mollusk. In cultured pearls, a mother-of-pearl bead or a piece of tissue is inserted (by man) into the mollusk to start the process. Cultured pearls are grown in pearl farms. The mollusks are raised until they are old enough to accept the mother-of-pearl bead nucleus. Through a delicate surgical procedure, the technician implants the bead and then the mollusks are returned to the water and cared for while the pearl forms. Pearls can be found in saltwater and in freshwater. There are also different types of mollusks that produce very different looking pearls.” (American Gem Society 2017) Many pearls of color are dyed during the process, or removed from the oyster dyed and placed back inside. This does not affect the pearl in anyway. Pearls are something that you cherish, keep forever and can even be passed down!

We look forward to seeing lots of happy people receiving beautiful pearls!