Shout - Out Diva Dash  - Game 4

Shout - Out Diva Dash - Game 4

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*Please understand before purchasing this is a game of chance* 

This is a Diva way of playing bingo. 

There is only 15 available spots. Per. Game. You can purchase as many spots as you want. We will play once all 15 spots are sold. 

Each person who orders will pick their number 1-15

When the 1st Diva gets 5 on the board (All 5 numbers in their row) they win the Diva Dash! 

This game only has 1 Winner!!!

The winner will be given a few different prize options to choose from. Check the Facebook page for the list of prizes.

*You do not pay shipping on this game * 

* This game is NON REFUNDABLE*