6/15 - Mini Diva Dive - deal or no deal

6/15 - Mini Diva Dive - deal or no deal

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This game you can win all different things. 

Please remember this is a game of chance. You don’t know what you will get. Each token will have different prizes on them. Each dive is worth a minimum of $25 retail value. 

You will have 1 chance to say no deal. Then you have to keep the 2nd pick. 

possible prizes - 
3-4 - Bath/beauty products such as whipped soap, body butters, Lotion, Hair products, Bath Bomb, Sugar scrub, Bath dust, Ect 

Household items 

makeup products 


Small Amazon prizes

big Amazon prizes


And more... 







* We only allow exchange within 10 days of purchase * The item must be in new condition. The issue must be a malfunction such as a zipper. We will not exchange ripped bags, broken handles, stains, water damage, heat damage, weather damage, missing emblems, wears or tears, creases, ect* 

We suggest that you stuff your bag when you get it. Cover it with a cloth bag and store it hanging in a closet or at room temperature. Do not leave your bag in any direct sunlight or extreme heat.