7/1 - Regular Purse Snatcher - Pick your purse!

7/1 - Regular Purse Snatcher - Pick your purse!

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This does not include LV Double Purses Top Shelf or Duffle Bags 

**UPDATE -  Please Go to the Facebook page and claim your purse on the pictures posted or on the live video the we will do before the party**

 Here is how this new game is going to work. All purses will have a number on them. When it is your turn you choose your purse by the number. You will want to order early because we will go down the line according to when you placed your order. I will be buying bigger purses as you requested and looking for ones that most of you will be very happy getting. I am soooo excited about this party and I hope all of you are as well. There will be no choices other than picking your purse. Whatever is in your purse is what you get. No swapping things out. Also a few purses will have sunglasses in them. 

1 Purse will hold the Jackpot! 

Hurry!! Get in line now because supplies will be limited!! 

Please note * We do not authenticate these items. However these are genuine leather and nice quantity products. *